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May 09, 2013 at 01:28 PM

tr import failed in PI systems


Hi All,

When i try to import the transport request , it is getting failed with the below error in PI systems

System details:PI7.31 dual stack,Oracle 11.2,SunOS 5.10

Exception during Connection to system Integration Builder using application CMS

-Transport lost. Detailed information: Error accessing http://10.142.X.XX:50000/dir/cmstransport/int? with user NWDI_CTSADM. Re

sponse code is 401, response message is Unauthorized

Further in the rfc connection CTSDEPLOY , i have given user as J2EE_ADMIN and whenever i try to import the transport the J2EE_ADMIN is getting locked .Let me know is there any way to avoid the lock for the user J2EE_ADMIN always

Is there another alternative way of pushing the transports to other PI systems other than OS lvevel and FIle system pattern in IB ????????

I have configured CTS+ successfully !!!!