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May 09, 2013 at 12:23 PM

How to track IP address and other details of a user who did some mischief using his portal account


Hi friends,

Our organization is fairly new to SAP and I am a part of our employee portal team. The SAP is implemented through intranet in all our offices. The employee portal is used by employees to mark their attendance, apply for leaves, check their monthly salaries etc. Recently, an issue was detected where some employees marked their attendance even though they were not present in the office. Obviously this was done by password sharing.

In order to clamp down on such practices, the portal team has now been entrusted with the task to submit a report on the matter and to trace the IP addresses from which such incidences have taken place. We need help in following matters:

1. A detail of portal tables, where they are stored and how to access them directly ? The standard reports are of no use to us.

2. In which table the IP addresses are stored and under what field name ?

3. Whether information like how many times a particular user has accessed his portal account on a given date or in a given date range alongwith respective IP address can be generated using these tables ?

Many thanks in advance for help.


Vikas Bansal,