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May 09, 2013 at 11:02 AM

How to join Bex Query and universe results


Hi all

I am fairly new to Business Objects. I have created a data provider on a BEx query successfully.
I also need to get data directly from ECC as it is not held in BW so I created a universe on the table (quite small table)
In the Webi I can see both sets of data but I want to combine them on emp number and a date.

This is where I am stuck. So far I have only created tables in webi and graphs etc. The ECC table is bringing back texts and these can be one to many depending on what the user has entered (there's no limit to how many comments then put in). I need to know:-

1. How to combine the results from the BEx query and universe ? Do I make another universe to combine the data or do I do it in the webi ? I've looked at formular etc but am having trouble with the syntax.

2. How do I display the comments ? As I said there could be one to many and they are identified by a sequence number. For example you could have several records see below

emp number , date, seq number , txttype, txline

9999999999, 01.04.2013 1 WHAT fell to the floor

9999999999, 01.04.2013 2 WHAT hit my head on

9999999999, 01.04.2013 3 WHAT the bin and then

9999999999, 01.04.2013 4 WHAT fainted

9999999999, 01.04.2013 1 LINM When I arrived

9999999999, 01.04.2013 2 LINM Bob had already

9999999999, 01.04.2013 3 LINM left for the hospital

WHAT is what happened

LINM are the line managers comments

I'm sure this can be done but need to be pointed in the right direction. I think I may be going down the wrong route.

Thanks in advance