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May 09, 2013 at 11:42 AM

Job: Importing data into DB table


Hi everybody,

we are experiencing some severe performance problems on importing accounts (about 36000 objects) from an LDAP directory into a DB table for further processing. The whole import takes more than 1800 sec and aborts because LDAP server closes the connection. The Advanced button in LDAP pass didn't help.

Obviously, LDAP is not the bottleneck here because reading data with a self-implemented Java tool into a csv-file takes only 2 minutes with the same basic transformation logic for attributes. Trying to read this generated file with a from ASCII file pass takes very long. It seems like SAP IDM performs a commit after eacht insert. Is it possible to influence this behaviour?

Importing the csv-file into the database with a Microsoft tool called "bcp" takes less than 5 seconds.

Kind regards