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May 09, 2013 at 08:33 AM

Problem with weekly quantities when releasing forecast to ECC/DM



We have an issue with the weekly quantities that are transferred to ECC as forecast:

We have 2 data views in our planning area:

A monthly data view, in which the demand planners enters their forecast to a "sale forecast" k.fig

A weekly data view that is used in our Job that transfers the forecast to our ECC/DM

The problem is:

For example in our monthly view for 12/2013 : 5537 PCS

In the weekly view the quantities are shown like :

W49= 1292 PCS

W50= 1222 PCS

W51= 1258 PCS

W52= 1240 PCS

W01/2014= 353 PCS

In total : 5365 pcs

This is what is also shown in our MRP/MD04

The problem is where the missing 172 pcs?

If we look in the planning book to use "storage bucket profile" we see:

01.12.2013 = 172 pcs

02.12.2013 = 1292 pcs

09.12.2013= 1222 pcs

16.12.2013=1258 pcs

23.12.2013=1240 pcs

30.12.2013=353 pcs

In total : 5537 pcs!! --> what is entered in out monthly view , and the "real" forecast!

The 01.12.2013 seams to be the "missing" 172 pcs!

This date is not transfered to our MRP in ECC!

What could be the reason for that?

Thank you