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Former Member
May 09, 2013 at 07:46 AM

Sales Order Process and Promotion code in Loyalty Management


Hi Experts,

Can you please help me to understand / confirm some of the Loyalty Management processes?

If I understand correctly the assignment to a loyalty program happens on the business partner level when the membership ID is created. From that point the customer is assigned to the loyalty program and can start collecting points.

When I create a sales order in which the customer can earn points for his purchases I just have to make sure that the sales order is set up in the EARN loyalty scenario (Note 1331970). Points will be recorded as member activities when the order is invoiced in CRM. This happens automatically, there is no need to enter any membership ID during order entry. I assume this is off the back of the CRM billing engine.

So my first question, is the above correct? Did I understand the process correctly?

Just to confirm that the point calculation is happening during billing and therefore it one works if the sales order is billed out of CRM (and not ECC)?

What if I have a requirement that points can only be earned if the customer quotes something like a promotion code during sales order entry? How does it connect to this scenario? Do I need to start the process with a marketing campaign and use the campaign code as a reference? Do I also need to set up rules in the Reward Rule modeller to define how points earned for promotion codes?

Thanks a lot,