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May 09, 2013 at 07:23 AM

Calling Screen in nested Module Pool Program


Hi ,

Suppose i have two Module Pool Program


Screen 100 - Normal Screen


Screen 100 - Subscreen screen

Screen 101 - Model Dialog Box

Screen 102 - Normal Screen

Using T-Code ZTCODE , Program1 screen 100 is executed . Screen 100 Contain Tab strip functionality where i am calling Program2 subscreen 100. Now Program2 subscreen 100 contain a button by which i like to call "Dialog box Program2 screen 101" or "Normal Screen

Program2 screen 102" . But here it throws an error

" The system attempted to use dynpro 0101 in program "Program1".

This dynpro does not exist."

It is working fine if i am calling Program2 Directly .


Jibin Joy