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error in ST04 Synonyms missing: Please run initialization script as per SAP-note 706927

hi all,

i'mnew to SAP BASIS,

getting an error in while executing t code st04 in prd system.

os-sun solaris

oracle 11

please help me

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1 Answer

  • Posted on May 28, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    Hi Karthik

    have you tried running through the note ?

    The database administrator must execute the following SQL scripts so you can use all of the functions of the Oracle Performance Monitor (transaction ST04N) or the DBACockpit (as of SAP Basis Release 7.00 Support Package 12). The SQL package consists of five files:

      • create.sql
        • create_11_2.sql
          • CreateCompressTables.sql
            • CreateSAPDollarViews.sql
              • CreateSAPDollarViews_11_2.sql

              When you start the SQL script create.sql or create_11_2.sql (for Oracle Release 11.2 or higher), the system deletes snapshot tables that are used only by transaction ST04N and the DBACockpit and then recreates them with the COMPRESS option set to ENABLED. If you do not want the existing snapshot information to be deleted, export it before you execute the script. The system also creates views and synonyms (which access particular X$ tables of the user SYS) for the SAP user.


              Use the dbmon46.CAR package for Releases 4.6C and 4.6D.

              For all higher versions, use the dbmon.CAR package.

              The CAR package contains a folder each for Unicode

              and non-Unicode systems.

              Description of the individual scripts:

                • create.sql / create_11_2.sql:

                This is the "main script", which calls the two other scripts and executes them one after another. Since the script connects to the database as SYSDBA, it must be called by an OS user that possesses the necessary authorization.

                Call: oraadm> sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @create.sql
                or oraadm> sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @create_11_2.sql

                  • CreateCompressTables.sql
                  Deletes the SAP user's GVD_* and ORA_* tables, and recreates them with COMPRESSION set to ENABLED. To do this, the administrator must be logged on as SYSDBA. The administrator requires the SAP DB user's password. The administrator can also decide in which table spaces the tables and indexes should be created.

                    • CreateSAPDollarViews.sql

                      The script creates SAP_$* views and synonyms, which access particular X$ tables of the SYS user. The script must be executed by a user with SYSDBA authorization.
                      • CreateSAPDollarViews_11_2.sql

                        For Oracle 11.2 or higher, use this version of the above script.

                      Remote Monitoring:
                      If the local system is connected to a remote database that you want to monitor using DBACockpit, you must also execute the script described above on the remote database.

                      For systems without ABAP stacks, only the views and synonyms are created. The script then terminates with the following error message:
                      ERROR at line 1:
                      ORA-01403: no data found
                      ORA-06512: at line 11
                      You can ignore this error message.

                      Please let me know if this works or not

                      Best Regards


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