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May 09, 2013 at 05:22 AM

ASE ODBC driver related questions


Hi Friends,

I am using ODBC driver (the framework over ODBC API) to connect and read data from ASE database server on Windows.

I've few questions about ASE ODBC driver. Can you please guide me.

1) ASE has a DB option called "textsize" which sets the limit on amount data we can fetch in select statement.

This option can be set either in the DSN configuration (Advanced->Textsize text field) or by "set textsize <number>" for a session.

--- While scanning BLOBs (image data types), I want to increase this limit to 512MB in my application. But, I don't want to override the limit if user has Text Size field in the DSN configuration.

* how can we (programatically) find out the Text Size value set in the DSN configuration?

--- Is it possible using some ODBC function?

2) What is the maximum limit on the data returned by SQLGetData function call at a time?

--- Can we determine the size of the data stored in a column, especially the BLOB (or image) columns using ODBC API?

or do we need to run the query "select datalength(ColumnName) from tablename" ?

3) Which the most stable and reliable ODBC Driver Manager for Unix and Linux OSs? Is it unixODBC?

Many thanks in advance for your clarifications and time.

Best Regards