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May 08, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Import Fixed asset for openning balance



I use SAP B1 version 9.2

When I import fixed asset opening balance, SAP calculate depreciation month base on startdate. Because in the pass they do some special thing with that item. ex (adjust depreciation run or UFL in the pass) So I can't put depreciation month with exactly result

Ex: Capdate = start date = 1/11/2010, Fiscal year for import openning balance on January, 2013

APC =16911983 ; accumulated 10710923; UFL=60; remain UFL=11; SAP shows result on depreciation run on January, 2013= 281866

The result I want depreciation on Jan, 2013 = NBV/Remain UFL = 6201061/11=563733

I tried but can't get result 563733 because SAP calculate NBV and depreciation result base on startdate. I must change start date correctly? anyone have another way?


Hong Bich