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May 08, 2013 at 04:57 PM

crdb_FileSystem is missing in the x64 redistribution for VS2010 SP5


Hello again. We just moved our existing .NET websites which use CR VS2010 from IIS6 on Win2003 x32 to IIS7 on Win2008 x64. The new servers have installed the Redist for CR for VS SP5 x64. Everything works fine except for one report that uses File System Data, crdb_FileSystem.dll. We had the same issue a few years back when upgrading to CR for VS 2010 SP2 x32. But they fixed the x32 to include missing dll in SP3. But it looks like SP5 for x64 doesn't have it. Since development is still only x32 it works on my dev box. Is there a x64 driver? I really don't want to downgrade IIS7 to support x32 for one report.

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Thank you again!