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May 08, 2013 at 02:53 PM

Attempting to send XML iDoc through RFC


Hi all,

I am attempting to transmit ORDERS iDocs in XML format through an RFC connection to a java application. This is what I have attempted so far...

  1. Created an RFC destination to my java application
  2. Created an XML file port
  3. Created a partner profile (logical system) and maintained the outbound parameter for the ORDERS message type
  4. Assigned the XML file port to the outbound parameter
  5. Created the ALE distribution model for this communication channel

I have tested the RFC connectivity with the 'STFC_CONNECTION' function module as it was executed successfully.

I have also maintained the 'Outbound: Trigger' tab in the port definition with the RFC destination I created, but this is where my confusion sets in...

I am unsure of how the 'directory' and 'command file' integrate into this functionality and how or what I need to leverage this to execute the RFC call to my java application, passing the XML formatted iDoc message.

I have experimented with the 'rfcexec' script file in the port definition, but I am being returned an error when executing the outbound ORDERS iDoc. (listed below)

Error for Remote Function Call with port 'ZVIC '

Message no. E0133


Port name: ZVIC

Name of logical destination: VIC

Error message from RFC_REMOTE_EXEC-Ruf:

'RFC_REMOTE_EXEC' could not be found in the server repository.

I have exhausted all of my available resources to help me through this issue and now I am hoping some of the experts within this community can assist me.

I am also open to different methods of transmitting this iDoc messages through an RFC call. (different port types, ect.)

Thanks in advance,