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May 08, 2013 at 09:11 AM

BSP CL_HTMLB_TEXTVIEW issue after upgrade EHP6


Hi since the upgrade of EHP6 ( SAP Basis 731 Lev. 05, APPL 606 lev. 05 )

we have an issue with one of our BSP Page.

we use the same bsp:bee more than 4 times..

<bsp:bee bee="<%= bee_header %>" />

this includes also an text..text will get by:

CALL METHOD cl_htmlb_textview=>factory

so far so good....

But if we want to use this header ( <bsp:bee bee="<%= bee_header %>" /> )

more than 4 times we get in the same text parts of HTML code ( like &#x20;-&#x20 instead of a normal space.. )

also the class values in the object will change... ???

Is there a kind of lifetime of the object and it will be initialized again with missing parameters... ??

I found a sap note: 0001696955 but this note is part of our support level and also check the code..

Maybe somebody can help,.. thanks