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May 08, 2013 at 09:12 AM

How many DEV clients are possible?


Fellow Members,

This brings back to basic question in QGM/ChaRM: How many DEV clients possible when using QGM or ChaRm? I have go through the Dolores's descriptive blog

on the first topic How many development clients are possible?. I understood the usage of several Z transport layers for different DEV clients.

But I got very confused with the ending statement in above blog "SAP should always suggest to set up only one development client to avoid inconsistences in the follow up systems, and make the whole scenario more complex. "Merged" transport routes, I mean two development clients pointing to the same target, are not SAP recommended configuration, due to this this scenario is not supported in Charm."

So my question is Have anyone of you tried using multiple DEV clients in real customer landscape? What was your experience? Can I make use of multiple clients in QGM in 7.1?