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May 08, 2013 at 06:25 AM

Pur Req from MRP RUN V/S directly created from Network


Dear PS Gurus,

What is difference between PR created from network(Pur indicator =PF) & PR created from MRP run.( Purchase indicator= WF-Reservation)

We still want 'Project Valuated stock' for Raw materials but customer wants PR created using MRP run(MD51) instead of directly from network . So we used Pur Indicator= "Reservation against" ... instead of PF which creates PR on Release of WBS. Once project is released MRP run creates PR as reservation already there.

PR are different( Suspect , it may have different behavior ) for example MRP created PR can be deleted & when in MD04 , don't have * while one created directly from netowrk has * against it & cannot be deleted( Deletion bin is grey out) Also 'Closed' field is grey out as well.

I would expect this as process difference & should not generate objects with different attribute. Able to delete PR created from MRP seems like it is not tied to commitment or something missing.

All account assignment fields are populated in same way in both cases

Any insight to this?

Best Regards,