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May 07, 2013 at 09:02 PM

Issue with Sales Tax Rate population using Taxware


Hi Gurus,

I need your help on the following issue:

We have been using Tax ware system to calculate and post tax on MM side. Now we need to implement the functionality for Sales Tax also. I am new in this area and have been following online SAP configuration guide to do the necessary set-up in SAP. I have checked that the tax calculation procedure is assigned to country US. I have created 1 tax code O1 for the Sales Tax and assigned a GL account for tax posting also. I have also reviewed and made suggested updates in the Sales distribution side for the condition types. In the pricing procedure we are using, I have entered the condition type UTXD with scale formula 500 and UTXE with scale formula 510. The other condition types from XR1 to XR6 have scale formula 301-306.

I have entered the tax category in the customer master as well as Material as taxable. When I create a sales order for this customer and material, I can see the conditions types UTXJ and XR1-XR6 in the tab Conditions but no tax rate is populating from XR1 to XR6. I believe that the rate should populate from Taxware. If I create an FI invoice for the same customer and material (FB70), I can see the tax amount calculated.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me understand what all I need to do to fix this issue and which stpe I might be missing config as Taxware is not populating the rate.