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May 07, 2013 at 06:15 PM

The CO account assignment object belongs to company code GOKU, not GOK1


Hi Experts,

I am receiving the error message while executing the t.code dp80 with project T-66666 (it is top node of wbs ) san sales enquiry

The CO account assignment object belongs to company code GOKU, not GOK1
Message no. KI100

You want to make a posting in company code GOK1.
At the same time, a CO account assignment object was specified that is assigned to company code GOKU.
This is account assignment object with object type WBS, and object key T-66666.

System Response
Company code validation is active for company code GOK1:
All account assignment objects in one posting row must be assigned to the same company code.

You can

Make an assignment to company code GOKU.
Enter an account assignment object assigned to company code GOK1.
Change the assignment of object T-66666 to company code GOKU. In this case, you should note the document and edit it further after changing the assignment.
If the posting is to a balance sheet account (category 90), you may also decide whether to allow CO account assignment objects from other company codes. If this is the case, deactivate the error message with the IMG step Change message control (message ID "KI", message number 100)

I could not understand from where it is deriving the company code GOK1 as the wbs which is assinged to sales enquiry is belongs to company code GOKU, and also plant , cost center, sales area. etc are updated in wbs and sales enquire are belongs to company code GOKU.

I have created other wbs with the same project using company code GOK1 with different plant, cost center, sales area etc.,

Please provide your help to fix this issue.

With regards,