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May 07, 2013 at 05:32 PM

Downloading Webi to iOS device?


Having trouble "downloading" a local copy of a webi to an iPad or iPhone. Is this even possible?

I'm on the latest version of the SAP BI mobile app, with iOS 6.1. Our BOBJ server is patched to 4.5.3 and the mobile server is as follows:

<version productVersion="" internalVersion="2.0" /><settings><setting key="savePassword" value="true" /><setting key="feature.streamwork.enabled" value="false" /><setting key="offlineStorage.ttl" value="182" /><setting key="offlineStorage" value="true" /><setting key="offlineStorage.appPwd" value="true" />

So we can work with Webi in "offline mode" but the catch is, you have to always connect to the server first. I would like to be able to download a webi to my iPhone/iPad and take it on a plane and look at the reports without having to connect to the server.

Message was edited by: Edward Niedfeldt Ok, so I think I'm reporting a non-issue. So long as I don't mess with the connection, I can still use the previously downloaded Webis in offline mode.