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Former Member
May 07, 2013 at 04:48 PM

I'm trying to disable some standard fields for IW21/IW22 transactions based on user authorization. I have defaulted these fields using an exit, but unable to set them to display only. Is there a BADI or screen exit to make these fields display only?


My IW21/IW22 has 2 tabs: Production & Engineering for the notification type ZB. The tabs includes the following std sub-screens: Reference Objects, Responsibilites & Malfunction Data along with custom sub-screens. I am able to perform authority check in the PBO for my custom sub screens and make it display/editable for the appropriate users. I'm unable to set the standard fields such as reported by, manfunction start & end date + time etc to display only for certain users based on their authorization. I have already defaulted values in these fields iusing userexit QQMA0007. think I need a screen exit or BADI for these SAP sub screens to add my authority check.

I need to ensure that enigneering users can only have display access to data on production tab and vice versa for production users.

Thanks for your response.