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May 07, 2013 at 03:15 PM

how to validate a char field when receiving decinal values



I am working on a change where I have the below requirement:

I have two fields on my FB70 screen i.e. BSEG-XREF1 and BSEG-XREF2, both these fields are character type. In my situation user will enter the number of units/quantity on XREF1 field and price per unit in XREF2 and then I will need to multiply XREF1 by XREF2 and store in BSEG-WRBTR filed which is a currency field. Now my issue is a user can enter any value on the XREF1 and XREF2 field like charachter value, decimal. How do I validate this because the amount field can only receive the value in this format '__,___,___,__. ' , so can you please help me on how should I validate user's input.