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May 07, 2013 at 02:34 PM

PI QuickSizer Question



I'm filling in the PI 7.3 quicksizer and have a question regarding a file -> XI Proxy scenario.

If the file sent is a large flat file (1 Gb) , and we follow the guideline in the quicksizer which only considers

the outbound messages. The file adapter lets you specify the number of recordsets per message in the Content Conversion tab , recordset per message field.

If I consider this and make my messages be 10 Mb each the scenario will not be too heavy on the system requirements.

Is this correct... ? What I'm mainly getting at is that the initial file size of 1 Gb is never really considered in the sizer in this scenario. However, wont a huge inbound file have an impact on the memory requirements of the server. Perhaps the file adapter just reads each record sequentially and never loads the whole file in memory.