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May 07, 2013 at 01:07 PM

OKP1 - Locking all fiscal years



My company is using ECC 6 and we are managing our periods opening and closing via OB52 and OKP1 for FICO transactions.

Our issue is that all fiscal years (from 0001 to 9999) are opened in OKP1 - all transactions boxes are unchecked - except for past operational fiscal years and past periods of the current fiscal year - which we lock manually on an on going basis.

This is an issue because nothing prevent a user from executing a CO only transaction with an incorrect fiscal year: for instance 2113 instead of 2013 - even if the fiscal year is not opened in OB52.

Surely we do not have to manually lock all periods until 9999...

I tried to use customizing OKEQ or program RKCOOKP1 but the focus is only on one fiscal year AND the only fiscal years we can use within these are those which are active for version 0 of controlling area (for us, this means 1997 to 2015).

So, I have several questions:

- why on OKP1 we can enter any fiscal years up to 9999 if we have only defined relevant fiscal years for CO up to 2015? I tested for instance executing Results analysis calculation for fiscal year 2113 and it works. SAP write RA data against fiscal year 2113...

- How can I lock periods in OKP1 in mass, over a large range of fiscal years to make sure no end user will accidentally execute a CO program for an incorrect fiscal year?

Many thanks for your help!