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May 07, 2013 at 12:48 PM

Suppress SU conts Printing during Transfer order posting



I hava a strange issue and could not find the reason.

  • We print T.O and SU contents as soon as the Transfer Order is Saved,Now user requested to suppress SU Contents alone and T.O alone should be printed
  • i.e Transfer Order will be printed immediately
  • But SU Content [form LVSLEINHALT] should go to spool and hould not print immediate.

  • for this i created a new spool code 03 in OMNU with "de selection of immediate print check box and and assgined respective print code 03

  • assigned print code 03 to movement type 601, so that it can be suppressed.

  • Consequently , The SU Contents did not print and transer order prnited immediately.

  • But in spool only transfer order is available and there is no SU Content document , it should not printed immediately how ever i want this to be in spool,so that when required it can be printed.

  • I checked teh settings several times by trying with various options such as selecting new spool request , giving a different spool title etc,yet no use

Please advice how to acheive this. SU Content should not be printed immediately but should be available in SPOOL.