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May 07, 2013 at 11:33 AM

strategy in developing ABAP-Applications in a complex SAP-System Landscape


Hello SAP- Community,

Assume that you have to develop a new ABAP-Report in a complex SAP System landscape.

The system landscape consist of

- More than 13 local SAP ERP-Systems (separated by Division and/or Regions)

- One central SAP ERP-System

- One SAP BW-System

- There is also a special development system (DEV-System and QAS-System), for developing applications which would be transported to the local systems.

The problem is that for some projects a clear decision which System has to be chosen cannot be made.

For example: If the new ABAP Report has to be developed which needs data from the local Systems to process and calculate the data and show it in a dashboard for example in a SAP BW-System:

  • One option would be: write an ABAP-Report in the central development system and transport it to the necessary local ERP-Systems. After processing and calculating, the data would be extracted to the SAP-BW-System which adopts the visual reporting.
  • Another option: Load the necessary Data to the SAP-BW System from the local ERP-Systems and develop the program logic directly in the SAP BW-System.
  • The third option would be: Use the central SAP ERP-System for processing and calculating the data. The necessary data could be extracted from the local systems into the central ERP-System. After processing and calculating, the data could be sended with RFC modules to the BW-System. The benefit would be contrary to the first option, no more effort for transporting the applications into the local systems and solving issues in each local system.

Question: Which criteria would you use to make the decision, in which system the development has to be done?

I have to create for my bachelor thesis a Decision-Matrix and need therefore some criteria and important points that have to be observed.

Thanks in advance!