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May 07, 2013 at 08:34 AM

Bi content for fresh installation



We are going for fresh BI implementation.

We have installed BI 7.3. Now we want to install the BI content. Basically we would only be using the standard info-objects and data sources. We wont be using other standard components.

Can some one explain how to go about installing business content meaning how to determine what all objects are to be selected and installed.

Also, we will be implementing module-wise i.e. first sales and distribution, then inventory management etc. So do we need to install business content as and when we require or do we need to install it in one go?

After installing business contents, what all are the per-requisites before we start the development(not considering requirement gathering and system mapping) i.e. from technical point of view, what settings are required in R/3 and BI.