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May 07, 2013 at 07:44 AM

Planned Order type determination


Hi All,

I went through relevent documents over Planned Order type determination. And now, I would call a assumption over the process used by MRP to determine which Planned Order type is to be created.

I think the major factor is Account assignment category defined in Order Profile(OMDD), in Requirement Class(OVZG), in Planning Strategy(OPPS).

Based on this Planned Order Profile is identified.

But I must say I am a bit hazy on this. Is there any other place where we decide a relation between Profile and other things(Like requirements type or the strategy) ?

When we look at the Planned Orders we see Order Types. So what is the significance of Planned Order profile.

It willbe greate if some one can explain the architecture That is, when we have demand after MRP run, which Planned Order profile gets selecetd, how this is determined ?