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May 06, 2013 at 06:16 PM

BO4 - patch installs best practice



I'm looking at installing bo4 sp6 in the near future ( a few issues to resolve first) in order that we are officially supported with chrome and

opprtunity for windows 8 clients to use.

I have some questions

1) If a server has been customised to say use more memory .eg on command line of server property or say its idle connection timeout changed, will the patch install overwrite these settings?

If the answer to this is Yes - that is a nusinace as have to reapply such changes after each patch install.

2) We have split aps into separate aps services as per the best practice guide.

Do these new servers persist with new patch install - again would be a real nuisance if had to recreate after every patch install.

3) Under notes on sap site notice mentions sapcar (backup of arcjive files) - first tim seen this with reagrds bo - what is this - hos is this releavnt to bo

4) Aside form backing up frs/cms database are there any other tips with regards best practiice for patch installs on bo4?