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May 06, 2013 at 02:11 PM

Upgrade Error in EU_IMPORT2 phase



Our SAP 4.7 EE upgrade to ECC6 EHP6 is stuck in EU_IMPORT2 phase due to the below errors:

Additional notes:

1. I had to reset a previous upgrade attempt due to some other issues. I have reset the upgrade with SUM tool, as well as the report RSUPGRES report.

2. During the previous upgrade, at the end of CHECKS phase, I had to convert some of the 4K paze size tablespaces to 16K tablespaces (some of the old 4K tablespaces still exists even after their content is copied to a 16K tablespace). I have not dropped those tablespaces on purpose - I wanted to do some analysis of those tablespaces.

3. As per note 1732061 (

--------------------< D031901 22/OCT/10 >-----------------------------

Preprocessing:ERROR: Found pattern "R3load:...

You have reset the update in the Preprocessing roadmap step and now, when running the Software Update Manager again, you get the following error message:

"ERROR: Found pattern "R3load: job completed" 0 times, but expected 1! Analyze the log file for further error messages or program abort."

This error occurs if you did not apply SAP Note 1518145 before the reset. To solve the problem, repeat the phase in which the error occured.)

This is exactly the error I am getting in one of the relavant log files EU_IMP2.ELG

We do not need to apply the SP as mentioned in note 1518145, as we are already in a higher patch level.


Totally clue less, as to what the issue is about.

FYI, I have the latest kernel in place 721_EXT, SP 100, and latest R3load, R3ldctl and dbdb6slib.o.

Any clues gurus?




upgrade error.png (28.0 kB)
eu_imp2.elg.png (27.0 kB)