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May 06, 2013 at 01:50 PM

No data to retrieve. query 1 - BO webi Report Extract Issue


Report Issue :- “No data to retrieve. query 1” message

Report Name : PI 3.0 Top 50 Item Total Detail by MPP

Our Analysis :-

This Report usually runs with in 10mins for each year. Now it’s running more than 25mins and throws the message ““No data to retrieve. query 1”.

When we run the same SQL script in Oracle DB , it retrieves the data after 25mins for that particular year.

We have increased the “Limit execution time to “45mins”” and disable the “Limit size of result set to” as (report has 46 pages of huge data) in the universe.

Report runs fine at non-peak hours . So is something I need to check at server side ?

Below are the” BI4P_N1.WebIntelligenceProcessingServer1” server properties. please advise as it’s a very important report and we need it urgently.