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May 06, 2013 at 11:49 AM

FTP Sender Channel goes inactive



We have certain FTP Sender channels with Message protocol as File Content Conversion, all having polling intervals less than 60 seconds.

We are observing an intermittent behavior in these channels where the channels stops polling the configured FTP servers until restarted manually. However, the status of the channels shows as green when checked in communication channel monitoring. Possibility of FTP or XI server going down(leading to loss of connection and channels going inactive) has been ruled out after the Basis and System Admin team has confirmed that the servers are up and running at all the times.

There is no fixed pattern we have observed for any of the channels. Interfaces corresponding to these channels are live in production system and are used to carry critical data. This issue creates a real problem specially on weekends/holidays when no manual attention is available to monitor these channels and the data files keep lying on the FTP server until the channels are restarted again.

Kindly suggest the necessary actions to resolve this problem. thanks in Advance. 😊