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May 06, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Quality Scenario for EPC(ENGG, PROC, CONSTRUCTION)


Dear All,

My client has a requirement which I think canot be met through standard QM process available.

My client installs projects like power plant, solar plant etc.

Once the Project system guy finishes PR, PO is placed by the MM team. The PO contains some thousands of items.

Now the requirement of QM deptt is that whenever there is a call(there is no fix schedule from vendor delivery) from vendor for inspection.

QM team goes at vendor site and do the inspection based upon their quality plan or plan is provided by vendor for inspection.

Say they checked 10 motors and found 5 motors ok, now QM team will provide a MDCC(Material despatch clearence certificate) to vendor so that vendor can supply the 5 mothors to project site.

Source inspection scenario can not be used here as they do not have fixed delivery schedule, they receive material in partial quantity etc.

How to map this scenario in SAP QM so that MDCC can be issued to vendor for inspected quantity so that vendor can supply material to project site??


Amit Kataria