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May 06, 2013 at 08:00 AM

MDGF - Change Request validation with different fields to maintain depending on the validation level



We begin to implement MDGF for our customer and one of our customer needs is to create an account using 3 validation levels in Change Requests. Each validation level is related to one team.

The need is to only allow some fields of the account to be maintained depending on the validation level. For example, the team related to the first validation level can only maintain the account number and the cost element category (the other fields must be hidden). The team related to the second validation level can maintain the financial statement version and the flag ‘open item management’ (the other fields must be hidden) and the team related to the last validation level can maintain the description in French and English.

I found that it is possible to hide some fields in the Change Request User Interface but the fields are hidden for all the users and not only for the users related to a validation level.

Do you know if some fields of the object to create can be hidden for a validation level and displayed for another in the Change Request ?

Thank you very much for your help!