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May 06, 2013 at 08:05 AM

Sending Basic Order Finish Date from R3 to APO for Planned Order.


Hi All,

By default system is sending Production Order Finish Date from R3 to APO, but myrequirement is to send Basic Order Finish Date to APO.

For that I have got a Customer Exit at R3 side "EXIT_SAPLCORD_004" but its not working,, dnt know why ...... 😔 😔

Well, I have got another Customer Exit in APO which solves my purpose, but I am not having Basic Order Finish Date here.

Now, I need to transfer this Data from R3 to APO.

System is using FM CIF_ORDER_OUTBOUND,, for this purpose.

For this I have got the following three options :

1. Write an RFC enabled FM in R3 and invoke it from APO to get Basic Order Finish Date.

2. Use Reference Structure for ExtensionIn and ExtensionOut BAPIs, parameter available in FM CIF_ORDER_OUTBOUND to transfer user data, but this is not used in the standard code ( FM CIF_ADD_ORDER_OUT ). 😔 😔 so , I can not use this parameter.

3. Modify the interface of FM CIF_ORDER_OUTBOUND, both in APO and R3 and get the desired data in APO.

I am a bit puzzled, I think first way is best suitable for me....... Write RFC enabled FM in R3 to get Data.😕 😕

Well, any body else can through some mighty idea......!!!!!! 😊 😊

Thanking You All.