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May 06, 2013 at 07:58 AM

KEU2 – Assessment cycle Receivers query for Account Based COPA


Hi Experts,

I am executing the assessment allocation cycle in Account Based COPA . I have following doubts.

1. 1. In allocation structure I have maintained one secondary cost element ‘ALLOCATION’ against all cost elements. So when cycle is executed, receiver cost element would be ‘ALLOCATION.

My allocation cycle is as below.

Sender cost centre = 1010000000

Sender cost element = 8000000001

Receiver cost centre = 9800200201

When I execute the cycle and click on sender TAB, entries coming are

Cost centr = 1010000000

Cost Element = ALLOCATION.

In receiver tab also I see cost element ALLOCATION which is correct.

My question is why it is picking up secondary cost centre instead of 8000000001 in sender tab?

Is this a standard behavior of the system?

2. 2. In allocation cycle, value for cost centre 1010000000 and cost element 8000000001 combination is 5000 rupees. I allocated this through KEU2 cycle to product 025011. After running the report I found that values are coming in product 025011 i.e. 5000 rupees.

Now I am executing cycle again to reallocate the cost from product to location and channel.

So sender is 025011 product with value 5000 and receiver is location 101 and channel AGENCY.

After allocation I executed the report for location 101 and channel AGENCY. I found that values in location 101 and channel AGENCY are coming in negative i.e. -5000 rupees. Now it is in negative I cannot reallocate again further to other dimensions.

Is this a standard behavior of the system?

If yes than for me, to allocate amount further to other dimension cannot be achieved. How this could be achieved as amounts are negative.