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May 05, 2013 at 05:01 PM

unable to cancel scheduled messages in PI 7.1


Dear All,

I am working in SAP PI 7.1

There is a huge quantity of messages stuck in the adapter engine i.e. more than 40 lacs. They are all JDBC messages. All the JDBC channels were stopped about a couple of months back and as a result this accumulation of messages.

Messages are in the following two status in the AE.

1. Error

2. Scheduled

I could easily cancel all the error messages but when I try to cancel the scheduled messages I am getting the error :

Could not execute action 'Cancel'; error: '{1}' Message: ProfileException in Method: CentralViewManager: processAction( IView, IViewData, UIPeriod, IAttribute, IAttribute ). Failed to process the action: CANCEL - general exception. Message: Could not fail message. Reason: Could not trigger cluster event FAIL_MESSAGE_NOALERT for node 126412050. Reason: Service "" on cluster element 126,412,050 thrown an exception in receiveWait(), invoked by a request by cluster element 118,105,450.

Any suggestions then please reply.

Thanks and Regards,

Rana Brata De