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May 05, 2013 at 05:52 PM

Legacy Grants & their budget Upload



We are about to go live with FM & GM-GTE, i have a question regarding upload strategy for Grants Master data. Say our go live date is June 1st 2013. We have around 500 legacy grants. Some of them are in foreign currency and others are in local currency. Majority of them were received before this fiscal year i-e they are not current year grant. I have few queries regarding them.

1..While uploading legacy Grants what should be Grant valid from date, i have set it from 01.06.2013 and consequently budget validity start date is set automatically as 01.06.2013. Is this correct approach to do legacy grants data or we should set grant valid from date as the one on which its original award was received and its budget valid from date should be set from 01.06.2013 ? In this regard please note that we have to upload some old transactional data like Open PR and POs in legacy system too which will consequently consume budget. So in this regard if we had to upload them in previous month dates then will this grant valid from date be viable ?

2..What should be upload strategy for uploading grants master and their budget which are in foreign currency. What about their budget amount translation into local currency. Every grant will have differing amount for their fund and sponsored object , what should be the appropriate strategy.