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May 05, 2013 at 06:50 PM

Service Pricing Procedure


Hi all,

I am using pricing procedure for service and below is my requirements.

I have base price for my tire and also there is a surcharge % based on my base price.

Below is the configuration i have done:

I have created 2 condition type:

Base price is based on quantity and surcharge based on Percentage

In calculation schema for condition type surcharge i have maintained 01 in From field. 01 is nothing but condition type for base

I have created 2 service master for both the condition type.

I have maintained condition record based on activity number and vendor.

When i create a service PO, for base price the amount is calculating as expected

But when i provide activity number for surcharge i am getting error Not possible to determine net value

Message no. SE377. Is there any problem in my condition type configuration for surcharge or in calculation schema.

Here is what i want to get worked:

Base Price = 10

Qty in service line details is 20

Net value = 200

Surcharge = 1 %

Net value should be = 200 * 1 % = 2

These should be in separate activity number ie..service po line item will be 1 and there will be 2 service line item details (ie. activity number one for base and other for surcharge).

Please help me regarding this.