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May 05, 2013 at 04:08 PM

ATP Checkoff at Outbound delivery batch split level


Hi Gurus,

We have following requirement:

We have Onhand stock ( MMBE) 100 CS (Batch A : 25CS, Batch B: 75CS) and Delivery 1 : 50 CS ( Line item 1 : 25cs and Line Item2: 25CS) and Delivery 2: 50 CS created (GATP check active). After Deliveries creation, Stock has been redueced to 90 CS due to 10 CS damage.

When I do PGI for Delivery 1 with 50CS system not allowing to post Delivery 1 though enogh stock ( 90CS) available. System comparing Confirmed stock is greater than Onhand (MMBE) stock during ATP check of batch determination.

When I set availabilty check indicator off ( Set as X) at Batch split item category level for Deliveries , I am facing following problem.

Delivery 1

Line Item 1 : 25 CS during batch determination Batch A : 25CS determined

Line Item 2 : 25 CS duitng batch determination again Batch A : 25CS determined and PGI failure due to Batch A has stock 25CS. I have used same material for Line Item 1 & 2.

Please let me know how to avoid same batch should not be determined when batch stock is not available.

Our business requirement is stock will be reduced after Delivery creation but PGI should not fail for deliveries.