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May 04, 2013 at 06:31 PM

Work Center - Break time and shift sequence


Hello Friends.

I need some help with OP4A transaction. The need is: especify exact break times for activity schedule!

Here in the company, our workday goes like this:

Start at 07:30AM

End at 5:33PM

we have a 10min break for coffee between: 9:30Am - 9:40Am

Then, for launch goes like this: 11:25AM to 12:40PM

The third break start at 3:30PM to 3:40PM

How to create this configuration in the three steps (below) of OP4A???

work break schedules

Shift definitions

Shift sequences

I've tried a lot, but i couldnt understand the logic of the transaction.

I appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance.