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HANA XSJOB Error - Type [40136] Required object does not exist or exists multiple times

Jan 09, 2017 at 07:02 PM


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Dear Friends,

I am facing below error while activating a XSJOB only in a particular sub-package ( Say PK_A ) whereas am able to activate it without any issues in any other package.

DescriptionResourcePathLocationType [40136] Required object does not exist or exists multiple times

I see someone faced same issue in SDN but no solution provided and that is being archived



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Hello Siva,

can you please add more details to the question. E.g. your xsjob file, are you trying to use a XSJS function or a procedure (catalog or repository), the package structure including xsaccess and xsapp file placements ...



Hi Florian, I am trying to schedule a xsjob for a stored procedure .This procedure and xsjob are created as repository artifacts ( not via project explorer ) , so there were no xsaccess, xsapp files in my package.




Did you find a solution to your issue? We are running into the same problem for one xsjob when we upgraded from HANA 1.0 SPS10 to SPS12. The error pointed to missing schema in the xsjob file. We trying adding schema name before the procedure or as a separate line but neither methods worked. We haven't tried public synonym yet.

We got this error trying to activate the xsjob.

"Required object does not exist: either specify 'schema' in xsjob or provide a public synonym as job action"

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