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May 04, 2013 at 06:21 AM

Error Reading the Data of InfoProvider 0BCS_VC11



I have an issue. I encountered an error message (Error reading the data of InfoProvider 0BCS_VC11). This error is generating when we run a workbook, query or run same query in RSRT (only for period 4)........periods 1 - 3 ran fine. The details is as follows:

This happens in production and the same was ran in dev and quality but ran correctly without any errors. Let me just say that this happened a week after our upgrade to SAP Netweaver 7.30. Running for periods 1 - 3 works fine in production, but we are having issues running for period "4" or "1 - 4". Data is coming fine in the MultiProvider directly in BW for all periods mentioned above.

Does anybody have a solution to this problem or have encountered this? This is needed for month end closing and I would appreciate any resonse back.



Error Message:



Errors occurred while reading a VirtualProvider outside the BI system. Check whether the previous error messages contain any information about the possible cause of this error.

It is possible that the error message cannot be displayed because the error message class does not exist in the BI system. If this is the case, only the name of the error class and the message number are displayed. View the error message text in the specified error class in the source system of the VirtualProvider.

System Response


Since the error is not necessarily in the BI system, there is no specific procedure for resolving it. With VirtualProviders, problems often occur with the connection to the remote system; these can lead to system termination. If the code for the VirtualProvider is not from SAP, contact the relevant contact person to help resolve the issue.

If an SQL error is listed in the previous message, see the procedure for SQL errors.

Procedure for System Administration