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May 04, 2013 at 05:45 AM

Using the Field-Symbols instead of Internal Tables


Dear Experts,

I am new to the Field symbols, I need some help in coding since my programs need to use the one year data in MSEG table, i am trying to change the program from internal tables to field symbols.

I have facing the problem in converting the for all entries using internal table to field symbols,

Select vbeln posnr from vbap into table lt_vbap for all entries in lt_vbak where vbeln = lt_vbak .

I need to use the same query with field symbols i.e., lt_vbap & lt_vbak should be a field symbols

Can we do all the operations like using

  • Where conditions in loops
  • Sorting
  • Parallel cursor method
  • Deletions,
  • Appending moving data from field symbol to internal table and vice versa.
  • Comparing the values in work area.

I have checked the all the post, available,