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May 03, 2013 at 01:56 PM

How to Generate Unique Numbers to File


Hi PI Guys,

There is a requirement in my scenario IDOC(Packaging) to File with an unique number in one field and this IDOC Triggers every 15 min at ECC end.

For this I decided to use an RFC look up which fetches an unique value from Z table in ECC. While triggering an IDOC the Ztable updated with unique value using FM(RFC lookup)and maps it in Message mapping to value pass Target field.

Now due to performance, I decided to use Number Range Objects(NRO) to generate Sequence Numbers, I configured the Receiver Channel, with module "localejbs/TransmissionNumberModule". Scenario runs fine but expected result is not there.

Please let me know to configure the Channel using the above module and how get this unique value.

Note : we are not using Counter in File channel because If PI Java stack Restarts again Counter starts from the first. To avoid this I am going with NRO Approach.