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May 03, 2013 at 02:32 PM

Vendor Subrange question


SCENARIO: Vendor Sub-range

My vendor Smith in Houston has two sub-ranges: PAINT and GLUE. So, I created a vendor master

  • 12345 (Smith) and location is HOUSTON, Vendor Account Group 0001 = Vendor

All materials from the "PAINT" sub-range are ordered in HOUSTON.

I have maintained an Alternative Ordering address in Detroit for the "GLUE" as sub-range.

If I order materials from the "glue" sub-range, the vendor sub-range finds the Detroit ordering address.

Action I Took:

Step1) Configuration:

SPROàLogistic ExecutionàBusiness PartneràVendorsàControlàDefine Account Groups and Field Selection
(Vendor). Here I have ACTIVATED “Vendor
Sub-range relevant” field

Step2) XK02- Vendor Master setting

My vendor ACCOUNT GROUP = 0001 (Vendor)

  • Created TWO sub-ranges in PURCHAING DATA
    • GLUE
    • Paint
  • Partner function for each sub-range
    • Vendor Name Number Name
    • VN Vendor 12345 Smith
    • IP Invoice presented by 12345 Smith
    • FA Forwarding Agent 12345 Smith

Step3) Maintained Info Record

  • Vendor sub-range = GLUE


  • Created a PO with material X and Vendor 12345. At item level of the PO under MASTER DATA Tab, it picked up VENDOR SUB-RANGE = GLUE from Info record.


My big question is
– In my PO at the HEADER date my vendor is SMITH (12345) and the address for the SMITH is HOUSTON. I don’t see any DETRIOT getting picked up in the PO. How am I am I supposed to see DETROIT in the PO as an ORDERING ADDRESS?

How & where can I maintain Alternative Ordering Address? In my example, I just marinated two sub-ranges GLUE-Detroit. May be I missed
something here!!!! Please advise……

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