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May 03, 2013 at 01:35 PM

Help on Dimension logic??


Hi All,

can i apply dimension logic in time dimension(for every month) for 2 different account dimension members?

i.e each account member has different expression.

i need to calculate parent members so i want to go for dimension logic.

Requirement: Account members : 17000,27000

17000 member expression is: ([FB_ACCOUNT].[30100] * 0.12) / ([FB_ACCOUNT].[25000])

27000 member expression is: ([FB_ACCOUNT].[40100] * 0.07) / ([FB_ACCOUNT].[55000])

The above logic for 2014.APR, like wise every month multiplied figures get change.

Pls help me how to write the logic??

Thanks and Regards,