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May 03, 2013 at 08:38 AM

srm 7 partial rejection V/s recalled


I am trying to make the reason of rejection mandatory for Partial rejection where the SC status is Inquired howevr

once I did the changes found that status is also inquired for SC which are recalled

Please can some one help me identify what to change in a code where ?

This is what I wrote

ELSEIF lv_decision = c_rejected or c_inquired ""Check if Reason for rejection is empty

IF lwa_header-zzreasonreject EQ space.

CLEAR ls_mesg.

ls_mesg-msgty = c_e.

ls_mesg-msgid = c_zsrm_msg.

ls_mesg-msgno = '001'.

MESSAGE e002(zsrm_msg) INTO ls_mesg-message.

APPEND ls_mesg TO et_messages.



Now coz of this the requetsor when he recalls the SC gets the field Reason for rejection greyed out and error message that reason for rejection is mandatory . Please assist ASAP