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May 03, 2013 at 03:57 AM

Transering asset (from one ceco to another ceco)


Some fixed assets in a closed store in db01 have transferred to a new store in cost center db03 in April.

This is due to a closing a store.

*cost center db01 to db03 )

1. what transaction code should I use to transfer those fixed assets?

ABUMN ? or AS02


Those fixed assets such as furniture have been depreciated two years and two months (useful life five years)

If I use ABUMN to transfer the assets, I have to create new assets for the new store in cost center db03


what about useful life years of those assets?

Should I choose five years or remaining useful life years like two years and ...months?

or can I go to AS02 and just change the cost center of those transferred assets?

Would you please help me?

Your answer is very important for me. I am in a big hurry for closing.

Muchas Gracias.