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May 02, 2013 at 07:27 PM

Accounting document generation in credit card process



we are using credit card process and have a scenario, I understand as standard process in credit card process the accounting document generated will have a debit and a credit entry for the customer account. The issue is when there are multiple deliveries against one order and while invoicing if i invoice VF01 with single Delivery eg 100$ then in the accounting document the customer is debited and credited (100$+ and 100$ -),

customer acct-xyz 100$

customer acct-xyz 100$- (minus)

But in case iam clubbing 2 deliveries against the same order and the value of the two deliveries are 50$ for 1st and 200$ for second delivery, when i bill these 2 deliveries with VF01, the accounting document generates two entries for each of the delivery. it shows up as\

customer acct-xyz 50$

customer acct-xyz 200$

customer acct-xyz 50$- (minus)

customer acct-xyz 200$- (minus)

Can someone help me in understanding if this is the standard behaviour / process for multiple deliveries combined in one credit card invoice.