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May 02, 2013 at 11:24 AM

"Type of synthesis" does not work well


Good morning

I have a problem when i try to "aggregate" the lines of one invoice thanks to the "type (kind) of synthesis". To let you understand my problem, i did 2 screenshoots.

Image 1 --> Starting point: I have 3 lines of the same item.

Image 2 --> When i click of "Item synthesis", the system does not aggregate all the lines into one, but the sistem gives me 2 lines!

The problem is that at the end of a month, when i get my invoice from the "transport documents", i found hundreds of lines repeated! My invoice, that should be composed of 80 - 100 lines abut, are composed of 900 - 1000 lines, and they can not be readen easily from our costumers!

How can i solve the problem?

How can i have 1 only line on my "monthly invoice" for each item bought during the month?

Consider that i have never changed prices (if i changed prioces it is obvious i need to have different lines...), and i tried to put the same "decimal number" in "Administration --> system initialization --> general parameterization (as i show in image 3) !

Please hel me.