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May 02, 2013 at 09:45 AM

Open text Suspected duplicates


Hi All,

First of all I am new to Open text so forgive if its a silly question 😊
Sometimes the user gets "Suspected Duplicate" as their status for PO invoice ... Suggesting that an invoice document has already been generated.

Now If i see the code , for Post PO invoice , It does a BDC call to MIRO and then updates the open text tables, I checked that when user clicked the first time of Post PO invoice it actually generated the invoice however the open text tables were not updated (by seeing the timestamps on invoice document and workflow step ).
Now why these tables do no get updated if invoice was created is an issue, i checked the lock entries was fine at the moment , also going

through the code it does not have a condition where the table should not be updated ,

these has happened very rarely , I tried a little experiment , After the BDC is completed I exited the code manually

so that the tables do not get update , now the workflow step is still with me (as table were not updated) , so i again clicked

Post PO invoice which again created a invoice document and also updated it the tables ( NO suspected duplicate occur at this moment)

me down to the reason why exactly this suspected duplicates actually occur..
any suggestions what might be actually happening....